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The fast, light and accurate alignment strut.

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With the ready-to-use DokaRex alignment strut you can position your walls quickly, easily and without major effort. A covered precision thread enables accurate adjustment and the range of lengths from 1.80 m to 10.20 m is covered gaplessly with only 4 strut types.

Fast and precise

  • Rapid progress with ready-to-use strut
  • Exact alignment made easy by the covered fine thread
  • Gapless range of lengths from 1.80 to 10.20 m with only 4 strut types
  • Integral anti-twist lock for quick and easy length adjustment

Ergonomic and safe

  • Up to 30 % lighter than comparable products
  • Safe operation, because handles are near ground level
  • Docking heads, so connections can be made by operators working at ground level
  • Enhanced safety with the tube anti-dropout latch

Durable and rugged

  • Special aluminium profile for robustness
  • Powder coating for fast cleaning and minimal concrete adhesion

One steel strut and three aluminium struts make up the series of DokaRex. Depending on the version, the struts telescope at one or both ends.

  • [A] DokaRex 305 (steel)
  • [B] DokaRex 450 (aluminium)
  • [C] DokaRex 750 (aluminium)
  • [D] DokaRex 1020 (aluminium)


Used on prefabricated elements

DokaRex for precise adjustments on every kind of prefabricated element.