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Formwork solutions for high-rise construction

Understanding the construction process and being knowledgeable about it is the prerequisite for being first choice for the building sector. We will be the best partner from the initial stage of planning through the whole process of the project to completion of construction. Doka has more than 40 years of experience in self-climbing technology and has successfully delivered solutions for > 1000 high-rise projects worldwide. Construction of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Hudson Yards district in New York City are two examples.

With this comprehensive know-how, we are ready to be your high-performing and reliable partner in high-rise construction.

Construction Project
What is being built?

Building Construction

Based on your project's unique requirements, Doka provides comprehensive solutions for all cast-in-place concrete components in your highrise project. This refers, in particular, to the areas of core, floor, props and façade. Loadbearing designs for façade construction support the subsequent systems.

Geometry of Structure

The building's footprint and its development as it gains height are unique to every project. These geometric boundary conditions such as changes in wall cross-section or inclination and the resulting complexity, as well as the number of storeys, are crucial for selection of the right formwork systems.

Construction method
How is it being built?

    Site infrastructure

    Smooth and efficient construction progress depends on functioning site infrastructure. Good formwork solutions ease the workload, support concrete placement and provide a sufficient lay-down area.

    Installation of reinforcement

    25-50% of the time in a cycle is spent on reinforcement activities. With a formwork solution designed specifically for your Highrise project, you'll benefit from start to finish. Easy access to rebar and spacious working platforms make crucial hand picks efficient and safe.

    Safety in every situation

    We support to develop project-specific safety concepts in the Highrise sector. No matter how high your requirements are we will have the best solutions e.g. access and egress through stair-towers or any kind of slab edge protection with self-climbing protection screens.

    Workflow planning

    Observing cycle times – usually 3-5 days – has considerable impact on the progress of the entire Highrise project. Detailed planning of system formwork, commissioning quantities and resources is critical to the complete project success.


    Tailor made solutions to meet your project's unique requirements will save resources, as well as time and money.

What we offer?

Developing the optimal formwork solutions

Developing the optimal formwork solutions

Structural analysis
Determining general conditions
Feasibility study
BIM - bid planning supported by simulation

On-site services

On-site services

Pre-assembly Service
Formwork instructor / technician
Formwork pre-assembly
Formwork inspection as assembled
Customer service



Approval planning
Execution planning 2D/3D
Pre-assembly planning, Cycle planning
Quantities commissioned
Statics calculations



Delivery and return delivery just in time
Site logistics
Formwork return
Cleaning and Reconditioning

Formwork Solution

Formwork Solution

Core, shear walls, closed facades
Floors, Walls, Columns
Open facades
Concrete monitoring


Safety with Doka

Formwork instructor
Training / Operation licence
Certified formwork systems

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The international experience of Doka gives you pooled, concentrated knowledge for a successful project. Your contact person will help you find the best individual solution, to make your project's 'bottom line' a success, too. In short: expert specialized formwork planning with lasting benefits for your highrise construction project.

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