What it feels like working with single-source bridge solutions from Doka.

Formwork solutions for Bridge construction

Being partner in the bridge industry requires to truly understand and know the construction process. We have this understanding from the initial planning stage through to completion of construction. This understanding is based on decades of experience in building bridges.

Committed to advance in formwork technology, Doka develops and implements optimisations in all methods of constructing bridges. And Doka services combined with formwork concepts constitute the all-inclusive concept for smooth and speedy progress on the build. Our mindset is customer-oriented, we build the bridges to where you want to go.

Piers & Pylons

Piers & Pylons

Widely differing shapes and designs for extraordinary bridges.

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Shoring entire spans with falsework.

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Balanced Cantilevered

Balanced Cantilevered Bridges

Bridging wide spans with the balance beam principle

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Composite Bridges

Composite Bridges

Combining concrete and steel.

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Edge beams

Edge beams

The finishing touch for the bridge.

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Incremental launching

Incremental launching

Producing a cycle in the stationary production facility and launching the entire superstructure

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Formwork for Movable Scaffolding System

Formwork for Movable Scaffolding System

Bridge superstructures that are built using launching-girder equipment

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Arched Bridges

Arched Bridges

Architectural masterpiece for bridging valleys, rivers and nature conservation areas

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Construction Project
What is being built?

Different structures

Bridge structures are classified by their system of load transfer, for example as girder, arched or cable-stayed bridges. The structural elements are the individual parts of the bridge, for example the piers and the superstructure. Common bridge-building materials nowadays are reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete and steel. The combinations are so varied that every bridge is unique.

Construction Method

Diverse factors influence the choice of construction method. They include the topography, length and height, type of bridge, structural elements, materials and available construction time. In accordance with the individual requirements, Doka offers comprehensive solutions for all methods of construction and provides support right from the beginning through to successful project completion.

Construction method
How is it being built?

Formwork systems

Your site team and our Doka specialists work closely together to select the right formwork system. Site requirements such as overall construction time, workflow (cycle time) and personnel resources are factors in deciding on the right formwork system.

Site infrastructure

Smooth and efficient construction progress depends on functioning site infrastructure. Well thought-out formwork solutions standardise and speed up repetitive jobs, reduce risk, allow for an ideal work environment and simplify the workflow.

6. On-site Services

  • Formwork pre-assembly
  • Formwork instructor / technician
  • Formwork inspection as assembled
  • Customer service, Dis-assembly
  • digital SITE

5. Logistics

  • Delivery and return delivery just in time
  • Site logistics
  • Formwork return
  • Cleaning and reconditioning
  • myDoka

4. Safety with Doka

  • Documentation
  • Formwork instructor
  • Training on-site
  • Certified formwork systems

What we offer?

1. Developing the optimal formwork solution

  • Structural analysis
  • Project requirements
  • Feasibility study

2. Engineering

  • Bid submission
  • Approval & Assembly planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Statics calculations
  • digital ENGINEERING

3. Construction methods & Project Solutions

  • Shoring
  • Balanced Cantilevered Bridges
  • Composite Bridges
  • Incremental Launching
  • Betonmonitoring with Concremote

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The international experience of Doka gives you pooled, concentrated knowledge for a successful project. Your contact person will help you find the best individual solution, to make your project's 'bottom line' a success, too. In short: expert specialised formwork planning with lasting benefits for your bridge construction project.

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