Formwork and scaffolding solutions for renovations

Renovation projects - from single houses to bridges.

Renovation projects are no longer just a niche activity; they're becoming a cornerstone of shaping our built environment. From energy-efficient upgrades in single-family houses to the modernization of commercial spaces and bridges, the redevelopment of existing structures is gaining crucial importance.

Renovation projects present unique challenges, such as the need to take careful account of existing conditions, minimize inconvenience to residents or neighbouring businesses during the works, and comply with conservation guidelines or building regulations. Doka provides a diverse range of formwork solutions tailored to meet the specific demands of renovation projects. Our offer, including engineering expertise, process optimization, formwork assembly, logistics, and rental options, makes Doka a valuable partner for the renovation endeavors.

Various areas of application


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General alteration

General alteration
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High-rise building

Dismantling or demolishing high-rise buildings in a city requires a nuanced approach. While blasting might seem like a swift solution, a controlled, step-by-step demolition offers several advantages. This method prioritizes safety for workers and additionally, it allows for material recovery and recycling, reduced debris and minimized risk of damage to neighbor builds and infrastructure. Doka climbing formwork systems are well-suited for controlled demolition projects involving concrete structures.


With Ringlock, Doka offers an extensive product portfolio of modular working scaffolding for numerous construction applications.

This tried-and-tested scaffold system solution has been established on the market for decades and is the ideal complement for carrying out new construction, redevelopments, building restoration as well as repairs and general maintenance. Ringlock impresses with its customary Doka quality at an attractive price/performance ratio. Thanks to its modular capabilities, the system is flexible and user friendly. With their indepth construction expertise, our technicians provide you with tailored solutions to match your project requirements, to drive cost optimization and successful project execution.


Maintenance and reconditioning are essential for the preservation of bridge structures and for extending their lifespan. System formwork from Doka provides ready-to-go solutions for a wide variety of applications

Conversion, extension, refurbishment and upgrading of existing buildings and structures

For simple renovation and refurbishment projects, formwork needs to be lightweight, easy to handle without cranes, strong, and adaptable. Additionally, renovating buildings brings unique challenges such as fitting tight spaces, working around existing structures, and keeping disruption to a minimum. Ergonomic considerations are also crucial for workers operating in tight and potentially awkward spaces.

    Supporting construction frame AL 1

    The ultra-light Supporting construction frame AL 1
    from Doka offers versatile support for single-sided walls. Compatible with DokaXlight formwork, it allows manual erection during renovation work and on craneless construction sites.

    Doka Frami Xlife formwork

    Doka Frami Xlife formwork systems precisely fulfil these parameters. The small, robust Frami Xlife panels remain manual formwork despite their steel frame. Can be put to use quickly, anywhere thanks to its many practical features.

    Doka loading platform

    Doka loading platform offers a temporary zone for crane-lifted loads on high-rises. Works with Doka formwork, scaffolding, and construction equipment. Pre-assembled in two sizes (3 & 5 tons) for direct installation on structures.

    Xsafe Catch Fan

    Doka's high-quality Xsafe Catch Fan quickly deals with the dangers of falling objects on construction sites, ensuring the safety of workers, bystanders, and pedestrians below. Its easy installation and rapid repositioning allow for comprehensive fall protection throughout the worksite.

    Load-bearing tower Staxo 100

    Doka’s load-bearing towers Staxo 100 enable optimum adaptation to any project with a few components only. It combines high load capacity and safety in every situation. It provides high safety and speed on site thanks to built-in protective features such as integrated ladders and tying points.

Renovation - sustainability meets construction trends

The growing focus on renovation projects marks a positive step towards a more sustainable and efficient construction industry. Renovation uses less energy and materials compared to new construction, significantly reducing environmental impact.

On the way to NET ZERO

Doka conducted life cycle assessments for more than 7,000 products. Therefore, as a Doka customer, you can compare the carbon footprints of our products to make informed and eco-friendly decisions.

This transparency allows you to minimize the environmental impact of your construction while ensuring efficiency and high-quality results.

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