Formwork solutions for
mining projects

Exceptional circumstances call for an exceptional partner.

When building concrete structures for large mining projects, ­construction companies face challenges such as large-volume structures, climate ­extremes, remote areas and tight construction schedules. So a formwork partner that works closely with you is critical to your project’s success. Doka _understands and lives this. With decades of experience, Doka tailors its services to meet ­the unique needs of its clients: from planning to execu­tion and successful completion. Doka is there for you.

Doka 360° Performance Cycle

The importance of your project success

Every mining project has its own challenges and criteria for success, whether these involve overcoming great distances to remote locations or working under harsh environmental conditions. Construction companies require high-quality, durable formwork materials capable of bearing heavy loads, a global logistics network that provides full and on-time delivery, supervisors who ensure efficient and smooth forming operations during construction, project managers who are able to coordinate everything, etc. Doka provides it all from a single source and with the authority of a global market leader. This exceptional _understanding of so many aspects can move mountains.