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Super Climber SCP

The next generation in self-climbing formwork and working platform technology for highrise cores

The Super Climber self-climbing core system increases jobsite production and reduces labor costs. The entire core formwork is hydraulically raised independent of the crane. At the push of a button, all platforms, along with interior and exterior formwork for an entire floor is raised in one single cylinder stroke.


Fast assembly and cycling

to increase jobsite production 

Optimized concept for fast forming times

  • A single stroke cylinder raises all interior and exterior core formwork, all working level platforms and the markets largest concrete placing boom at the push of a button.
  • All Formwork, working platforms and concrete placing boom for an entire level can be raised completely independent of the crane.
  • Fast forming – when used in combination with the Doka stripping corner, no breaking or re-connecting gangs is required on the inside core wall formwork.
  • Fast forming – stripping space required from poured wall can be as little as 1 inch and still climb smoothly.

Maximized efficiencies

to reduce labor costs 

A cost-effective solution is ensured by

  • Modular formwork and climbing system allows for maximum preassembly to reduce on site labor cost and increase efficiencies.
  • Fast climbing – all climbing is reduced to a single activity, no rails to climb ahead or manual placement of shoes required.
  • Anchor requirements are comparably reduced saving labor and material costs.
  • Hydraulic cylinders are self guiding and self leveling therefore your core will always remain plumb. No need for special water or laser levels.
  • Up to 10 climbing brackets can be lifted at one time together from one hydraulic pump

Flexible forming solution

to meet jobsite requirements 

Adaptable design to achieve results

  • Cores with forming heights of up to 20 feet can be poured with the slabs or climbed ahead of slab pours
  • All climbing operations are done from below the core formwork
  • Modular standard components of the system minimize time and labor for initial setup.
  • Designed with all standard Doka parts and can be used in conjunction with all other Doka climbing systems.
  • High load capacity of gantry platform provides a large site storage area for material storage on top of core.

Built in Safety

for the entire jobsite 

All operations can be carried out safely and quickly

  • Working points are reduced to a few simple steps
  • Solutions are available to protect workers from all climate conditions.
  • Working operations can be designed independent of any weather influences.
  • All formwork is suspended from a high capacity superstructure reducing jobsite crane pick requirements.
DokaAR App

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The DokaAR App America allows users to view Doka Formwork in Augmented Reality.

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