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Thinking in terms of generations.

Based on its aim of making everything easier, better and more efficient, the company has continued throughout its history to set new standards in quality, functionality and efficiency around the world.


Stefan Hopferwieser is granted a "Concession to ply the carpentry trade" in Kollmitzberg, near Amstetten. In 1869 he moves to Amstetten and uses the new location to expand his sawmill and carpentry operations.


The first Doka formwork sheets for power plant construction are produced.


Establishment of the Group's Austrian firm Österreichische Doka.


The first subsidiary outside Austria, Deutsche Doka, is set up.


Set-up of in-house metalworking operations - a revolutionary step.


Doka's new climbing formwork is used successfully at the Lüneburg ship lift construction site.


Doka operations in South America get their start with the establishment of Doka Brazil.


A branch in Kuwait kicks off Doka's presence in the Middle East.


Foundation of a new research and development centre in Amstetten.


Magyar Doka is the first subsidiary to open its doors an East-Central European country in transition.


Doka Slovenia is established as the 25thsubsidiary in the field of Doka formwork technology.


Doka formwork is used in Dubai to help construct the world's tallest building. Doka will deliver the formwork solution for the entire building core. Inspired by an Arabian desert flower, the architectural shape of the tower demands highly adaptable formwork. In addition, the extremely tight construction schedule necessitates an ingenious utilisation plan.


EUR 25 million investment into InfoCenter at the Amstetten site.


Company turnover exceeding EUR 1 billion with more than 7,000 employees.


Doka continues development of floor formwork systems already on the market and launches the new panel floor formwork Dokadek 30.


With nearly EUR 1.1 billion company turnover is restored to precrisis levels.


AT-PAC Milestone

Doka acquires majority stake in AT-PAC scaffolding business and stands now for Formwork AND Scaffolding.