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Doka Southwest Region Announces Facility Expansion to Facilitate Growth and Enhance Customer Experience

07/31/2023 | Press
JULY 31, 2023 – TOMBALL, TX – Doka USA—the leader in providing innovative formwork and safety solutions, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its new facility expansion on June 19th, which includes a state-of-the-art 2-story office building, a specialized girder facility, an expanded area for equipment storage, and upgraded loading and unloading capabilities for trucks. The new facility located 11002 Mahaffey Rd, Tomball, TX 77375, boasts a 10,000 square feet, two-story office space, and a massive lot size of 7.4 acres. The strategic decision to construct this facility was driven by the company's commitment to providing enhanced services and support to its clients and accommodating future growth.

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  • Doka Southwest Branch Expands Facility
  • Doka Southwest Branch Expands Facility
  • Doka Southwest Branch Expands Facility
  • Doka Southwest Branch Expands Facility
  • Doka Southwest Branch Expands Facility
  • Doka Southwest Branch Expands Facility
  • Doka Southwest Branch Expands Facility
New Office Building:
The centerpiece of this expansion is the state-of-the-art two-story office building. The new facility will feature a spacious 2-story office designed to accommodate all internal staff, including operations and engineering teams, under one roof. This consolidation will foster seamless communication and collaboration, enabling Doka USA to tackle projects more efficiently and effectively.

Girder Facility:
In response to the increasing demand for infrastructure projects, Doka has established a dedicated Girder Facility. This facility is equipped to handle, maintain, and modify heavy steel girders, ensuring the highest standards of quality for future construction projects. By consolidating all internal staff, including operations and engineering, under one roof, the company is poised to streamline its processes and deliver even greater value to clients.

Expanded Equipment Storage and Loading/Unloading Area:
The expansion includes a significantly larger area for equipment storage and the loading and unloading of trucks. This improvement aims to optimize logistics and enhance operational efficiency, streamlining the supply chain to provide even better service to our clients.

Acquisition of Adjacent Property:
To achieve this expansion, Doka USA acquired the property next door to its current facility, effectively expanding its footprint without compromising its reach. This strategic move enables the company to continue providing top-notch service to existing clients while attracting new opportunities.

Sustainability and Employee Well-being:
As part of Doka's commitment to environmental responsibility and employee well-being, the new office is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and high-efficiency heating and air conditioning units. These sustainable features not only reduce the company's ecological footprint but also create a comfortable and productive working environment, fostering greater job satisfaction and staff retention.

Company Vision:
“Doka USA is committed to continuing our investments in the Western states to better serve our customers and their projects. The relocation to Commerce City, CO provides a larger, more modern facility that will increase our product availability, overall productivity and safety. This location and others to come, are part of our strategy to enhance work environment for our Doka team members. This move further enables Doka USA to deliver high quality, innovative and intuitive formwork, shoring and scaffolding system solutions supported by superior engineering and application expertise,” said Michael Kennedy, CEO at Doka USA.

"We are thrilled to announce this significant facility expansion in our Southwest area, which reflects our commitment to meeting the needs of our growing customers and supporting the development of our dedicated team. With the new office building and facility, we are better equipped than ever to deliver exceptional results for infrastructure projects and provide our employees with a collaborative and sustainable working environment," said Jared Wright, Southern Regional Director at Doka USA.

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