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Tip #7 for Formwork Success - Development of a Jobsite Plan

To effectively develop a jobsite plan involves communication between all parties, including the concrete contractor and the formwork supplier. The output results in great optimization of a project's construction process. jobsiteplan2
When developing a jobsite plan, all elements of the job and the formwork should be considered. Which elements are to be constructed first? Is the formwork being reused in areas? If so, what is the order of use? Can the formwork supplier pre-assemble the formwork prior to delivery? As the contractor and formwork supplier determine the order of the events to occur on the jobsite, the details, such as material delivery and formwork assembly, can be coordinated as well. It is important that both parties execute this in an efficient manner. Ensure that trucks loaded for delivery are staged in a manner so that when the first truck arrives you can immediately begin assembly. This means that in addition to the formwork panels it must also contain the necessary connecting hardware to begin erection. When properly organized it will be setup so that as soon as material is unloaded from the delivery truck it can immediately be put in use.

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